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How to Prepare Ecommerce Site Content for Launch 

Various factors can take a replatforming project from a smooth ride to an unexpected halt. Yet, in our experience, the content implementation phase is often among the top culprits.

Why? Because while the technical side of things is usually thoroughly planned out, the content side gets left to be figured out when the content implementation stage begins. Then, as the technical development gets ready to launch, there’s a mad (read: stressful) dash to address the content.

Here's how your team can make a content migration plan early – and keep your project on time and budget



4 Essential Data Migration Considerations for Ecommerce Replatforming

In order for merchants to reap the full benefits of replatforming, the transfer of data between the old and new systems has to be seamless. By this we mean product attributes and images, customer and order history data, as well as data behind things like gift cards, coupons, product ratings, and reviews. Here’s how our team helps retailers strategize for data migration.



Advanced Content: 4 Tricky Pitfalls to Avoid in Data Migration

The stakes are high in data migration, and it’s imperative to get it right the first time. Not only do you have to address the issues in the article above, but there are several common pitfalls to know. 

Thankfully, when you’re alert to the perils that can derail your replatforming project, you can prevent costly mistakes and delays. The key is to discuss every aspect of your company’s data both internally and with your development team. From the onset, no detail is too small. In fact, as we explain here, it’s the seemingly small details that can become much bigger problems as you get closer to launch.



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